About Wine Galaxy

Since 2007, Wine Galaxy has been the premiere designer and provider of quality wine incentive programs throughout the United States. Incentive industry companies sell our exclusive wine programs to corporations and institutions, including many Fortune 500 companies. 

Our wines are carefully sourced from outstanding vineyards throughout the world. Our procurement team selects high quality wines that are not likely to be found in stores in the United States.

Incentives industry resellers are encouraged to contact us to learn more about our sophisticated and lucrative wine programs. 

Our History

Wine Galaxy founder, Jerry Bower, began his professional career as a Marketing Manager in Cupertino, California at Apple Computer, Inc. Mr. Bower worked for Apple for 14 years. He spent his last five years as National Marketing Director for several of Apple’s Direct Divisions, one of which was the National Incentives Division. This division sold Apple’s line of personal computers and peripheral products to businesses and corporations. The buyers added the Apple products to their gift and award catalogs for key customers, partners, and employees. Mr. Bower started this Apple division from scratch and quickly built it into an annual $80 million division.

Upon leaving Apple, Mr. Bower became involved in numerous marketing consulting contracts in corporate America. While engaged in a contract within the U.S. incentives industry, Mr. Bower recognized a void. There was no dedicated wine supplier for the entire incentives industry. This led him to fill the niche by founding Wine Galaxy in 2007. Within two years, Wine Galaxy was being offered by almost every major reseller in the incentives industry.  With well over 100 million wine drinkers in the United States, Wine Galaxy continues to be a very popular product line.

Today, Wine Galaxy, Inc. is owned by Mark S. Marin, who has worked with Mr. Bower since the inception of the company. Mr. Marin has maintained strong relationships within both the incentives and wine industries.

Our Future

Wine Galaxy’s future is built upon a solid foundation of strong relationships and sound business practices. Over the next couple of years, Wine Galaxy will be offering a number of value-added, high-end products to its menu of programs. Additionally we will continue to grow and refine our wine incentive selections. 

Please contact us, if you are interested in our incentive programs.