Monthly Wine Club, Gift Cards & More

For those more adventurous wine drinkers, Wine Galaxy offers a few programs where the recipient is introduced to wines selected at the discretion of our expert wine procurement team. Choose one of our Monthly Wine Club or Gift Card programs to discover premium wines from classic as well as emerging wine producers from around the globe.

Wine Galaxy focuses on curating top quality, award-winning, and hard-to-find varietals. Additionally, we are dedicated to selecting truly unique wines that reflect their origins and natural ingredients. Each of our wines mirrors the dedication and personality of the vintners who produce them.

These wines are pre-selected by our expert panel that includes professional wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Thus, we take pride in introducing the fruits of vintners who have carefully watched over their family’s reputation and heritage.

Wine Galaxy Gift Card

Wine Gift Card

Wine Galaxy’s Wine Gift Card offers the utmost in flexibility for wine drinkers. This is a classy, easy to distribute gift, incentive, or award. The card never expires. Bottles of wine are redeemed at one time, so there is never any ‘left-over’ value. This over-sized card, printed on premium card stock and delivered directly to the recipient.

Each card can be configured for the selection of 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 bottles. The individual can specify a preference for all reds, all whites, or half of each red and white.

Wine & Wine Galaxy Gift Card 

The Wine & Wine Galaxy Gift Card option offers a sip and share experience. The recipient receives two hand-selected international wines, along with a gift card for two bottles of wine inside the shipping box. The gift card leaves room for creativity. The original recipient can choose to order two additional bottles of wine, or gift the card to a relative, friend, or business associate. 

For the initial delivery, the individual can specify a preference for two reds, two whites, or one of each. The wine gift card will be included in the box and the end recipient may also specify two reds, two whites, or one of each. 

Wine Club Wine Galaxy

The Monthly Wine Club

The Monthly Wine Club brings the wines of the world directly to the recipient’s door. Each monthly shipment will introduce two different premium international wines—one red and one white. This is an opportunity to build your collection.

This program is configured to offer 2 bottles of wine, 1 red and 1 white, for each month for which the recipient is enrolled. Enrollment periods of 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 months are available.

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Wine Club, Gift Cards & More